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Remote Access

***To access the databases from home, you need to log in using your EA Email username and password. You will be prompted to log in when you click on the database icon***

TLC - Catalog

Print Resources- Reserve

Please check the Reserve Shelf for individual books on specific countries and related topics (country origin, indigenous poeples, and explorers.)

Books may only be checked out at 2pm and MUST be returned by 8AM the next morning before Homeroom

General Encyclopedias

   *Best 1st Source for most tribal groups: use Middle or High.    

*Type in your country's name to search for your country across all of the Grolier's encyclopedias.


*Use STUDENT ICON for good country background; early history- search by country.

Reference Books

REF 305 COU          Countries, Peoples & Cultures: V.1 Central and
                                      South America

                                                Arranged alphabetically, search on country by name

REF 960 AFR            Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African & African

       American Experience

Arranged alphabetically, search on country by name

REF 970 UXL            UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes 

Each volume deals with a specific geographic area in North America; use the index to search geography or tribal group

REF 970.004 ENC    The Encyclopedia of North American Indians 

Arranged alphabetically, search by state/ province or tribal group

REF 970.004 PEO    Peoples of the Americas

Alphabetically arranged by country; very good Central/South America

REF 970.004 ROU   Rourke's Native American History & Culture Encyclopedia

                                                Arranged alphabetically, search by topic 

REF 972 EAR             Early Civilizations of the Americas

Covers the Incas, the Mayas and the Aztecs, in v.1-2


History Databases


  *Good for cultural background      *Good for major cultural groups


 *These Gale databases provide Reference Books, Magazines & Journals, Newspapers, Primary Source material, and Images


*Search by region or country


*Search these ABC-CLIO databases by tribal group or country



Got a Question?

Mrs. Driscoll

Middle School Librarian

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Quick Reference Websites

Do not use Google or Wikipedia for research!


However, you can Click here for a list of credible websites

Look for:  

Social Studies: Explorers, Indigenous Peoples, and Countries