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6th Grade Individual Multimedia: Home

Remote Access

***To access the databases from home, you need to log in using your EA Email username and password. You will be prompted to log in when you click on the database icon***

TLC - Catalog

General Encyclopedias (Born-digital)



Additional copies of your Trailblazer can be found here, should you need an extra copy!

Other optional Databases

Reference Books

This group of reference books all give general background on America during its early years, looking at topics such as family life, government, food, clothing, technology and Native Americans

REF 970 ENC             The Encyclopedia of the North American
                                    Colonies, v. 1-3

REF 970.02 NOR        North America in Colonial Times, v. 1-4

REF 972 EAR             Early Civilizations in the Americas, v.1-3

REF 973 AME             Almanacs of American Life, v. 1-3

REF 973 AME               American Centuries, v. 1-

REF 973.2 AME          American Eras: The Colonial Era, 1600-1754
(and other volumes in this series) 


Databases: American History Resources

Gale databases provide virtual libraries: reference articles, primary source materials, news articles, websites, audio files and visual media, etc.




ProQuest Historical Newspapers is the definitive newspaper digital archive offering full-text and full-image articles for significant newspapers or magazines dating back to the eighteenth century.


Discovery Education is an excellent resource for videos on a multitude of research topics.

Got a Question?

Mrs. Driscoll

Middle School Librarian

Episcopal Academy


Citation Tools

Authoritative Websites

Check with your teacher before exploring the Internet for websites!  

The following websites are authoritative and may be used for research:

America in Class (primary source)
(2016, National Humanities Center)

The History Channel
(2016, A&E Television Networks)

National Geographic
(2016, National Geographic Society)

National Park Service
(2016, US Department of the Interior)

PBS(2016, Public Broadcasting Services)
(2017, Independence Hall Association)

NO Google

NO Wikipedia for research!