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Online Catalog


Below is a list of the Databases EA subscribes to.  Click the icon to access the database. If you are off-campus you will need to input your EA (Veracross/Google) id and password.

Resources by Subject














Recommended Websites

 Internet History Sourcebooks Project























                                                        (ask a Librarian for WSJ login credentials) 






Internet History Sourcebooks Project










Reference Tools


Dictionaries provide information about words.


Encyclopedias provide general background information; they are a good place to start researching a topic that you know little about.


Directories provide names, addresses, affiliations, etc. of people, organizations, or institutions.

Biographical Dictionaries

Biographical dictionaries contain short articles about people’s lives.


Geographic information is located in atlases and maps.


Almanacs contain statistics and facts about countries, events, personalities, or subjects.


Handbooks and manuals are subject are tools. Handbooks provide facts, terms, concepts, movement, etc. of a topic. Manuals provide detailed instructions on a particular subject, such as how to do something or how something works.


Bibliographies lead to other information sources. They are lists of books and other materials that provide author, title, and publication information. Annotated bibliographies also include a brief description or summary of the item.


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