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III Form History- The Civilizations Symposium project: Home

Remote Access

You will be prompted with a login page if you access some of these databases off-campus.

Your username is your EA username (your email address before the @) and your password is your EA password (same as your EA email password). 

TLC - Catalog

Recommended Books

Suggested Databases










Google Scholar


Searching Tips

 Search using Keywords and Boolean terms:

  ex:  Golden Age of Rome = Golden Age AND Rome

  ex: Mesopotamia AND Iron Age

Try using synonyms or similar keywords to expand your search:

  ex:  Daoism = Taoism = Tao Te Ching = Dao De Jing

         Emperor Wu = Han Wudi

         Hammurabi’s Code of Law = Code of Hammurabi

         Twelve Tables = Law of the Twelve Tables

Need Help?

Need help finding sources or using NoodleTools? Talk to Ms. Yu in the library or email her at

Using Noodle Tools

Using Noodle Tools:
•Determine what you are citing:
Is it a book? Or is it an article from a database? What type of article? i.e. Reference, magazine, journal, etc.
•Be sure to fill out all 3 sections of the notecard:
Direct Quote, Summary, and My Thoughts
•Cite your images too!
In NoodleTools and in your presentation