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U. S. History: Getting Started

You will be prompted with a login page if you access some of these databases off-campus.
Your username is your EA username (your email address before the @) and your password is your EA password (same as your EA email password). 

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You can use these reference databases as a starting point:



You cannot use information found here as one of your FINAL sources for your research paper.    

You can some of these familiar databases to explore topics:

Click on View Subject Index
Click on Explore by Time Periods
    Click on Browse Topics

You should LIMIT the amount of sources found here in your final bibliography.           


Need help getting started?

Brainstorming Worksheet

Need some inspiration? Other online topic lists:

Library of Congress Topics by Subject

WCUSD U.S. History/English 302


Note: use of their service is an academic integrity violation!


Example of a "Point of Contention" that made headlines recently!
Alexander Hamilton, Enslaver?

Don't tie yourself to a topic without a thorough evaluation of available sources.  Your sources will ultimately determine the direction of your paper.