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IV Form AP/Modern History Research Paper: Home

You will be prompted with a login page if you access some of these databases off-campus.
Your username is your EA username (your email address before the @) and your password is your EA password (same as your EA email password). 

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Reference Sources and Books

How do you know what you don't know?  Reference Books and books will help provide a framework for your topic and question. See the box below to search the books in Annenberg library, if we don't have something check Google Books. There is some other helpful contact information and tips on this page too!

Brainstorming Worksheet - Use this to help you get started!

TLC - Catalog

Google Books

Google Book Search

Didn't find anything in the library catalog? Try Google Books, we can purchase a book on your topic for you!

Searching Tips

 Search using keywords related to your topic:

  ex:  Industrial Revolution AND Women

         World War I AND  Technology

Use quotations when searching a phrase:

  ex: Age of Exploration       

Try using synonyms or similar keywords to expand your search

Use command F to quickly find what you are looking for

  • is this article relevant to your topic?

Do You Have a Question?

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ms. Yu


Searching the Web?

Evaluate the website before you use it

  • What domain is it? .org? .com?
  • Who is the author/publisher?
  • Is there a strong bias?
  • If the site seems unreliable, find a new one!