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III Form History- Character Research Project: Home

***To access the databases from home, you need to log in using your EA email username and password.***

Link to Ms. Yu's Google Slides presentation

Library Books during COVID-times

Link to the library catalog

Due to our current situation, you will NOT be able to enter the library and search for books in the library stacks. Relevant books for this research paper will be pulled in advance and stored on two blue book carts. These book carts will reside in your history classroom or nearby in the US building.
Link to books on book carts


  1. Use hand sanitizer before and after handling the books.
  2. Do NOT take any library books with you.
    I suggest you take pictures of all relevant pages so you can continue to "use" library books outside of class time.

Can't find a book source for your research paper on the book cart? Email Ms. Yu or fill out a book request.


For non-fiction ebooks through EBSCO, select POWERLibrary Resources, then select eBook Collection (EBSCOhost).

Scholarly Sources






For Background Reading



Suggested Databases








More Tips

Determine what you are citing in NoodleTools:

Is it a book? Original content from a database? A web page?

Be sure to fill out all 3 sections of the NoodleTools notecard:

Direct Quote: copy-and-paste or copy word-from-word from the source.

Summary: give a brief summary of the direct quote in your own words. Remember, you want to capture the main idea. 

My Thoughts: connect the ideas mentioned in your quote/summary to your main argument. HOW does this prove that my character had a positive/negative impact on his or her time period?