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Please check the Reserve Shelf for individual books on specific amendments and related topics

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Recommended Books

Reference Books


REF 342.73 CON     Constitutional Amendments,1789 to the present.

                                       1 Vol., gives: original text, overview, origins and history,
through the centuries including related court cases


REF 342.73 CON    The Constitution and its Amendments.

      vols. 1-4             Vol. 1: General background; Vol. 2 – 4: Specific amendments,  
listed in chronological/numerical order. Original text, origins and background, 
history, and issues surrounding the amendment

REF 342.73 HER       The Heritage guide to the Constitution.
                                         Beginning on p.302, reviews and summarizes keyword issues for each

REF 342.73 PEN     *Constitutional Amendments, from freedom of speech to flag                                       burning.

                                  Vol.1: Amendments 1 -8
                                        Vol. 2: Amendments 9 - 17
                                        Vol. 3: Amendments 18 – 27, and unratified amendments
                                                   Original text, origins, interpretation, issues, court cases, summatio

REF 342.73 VIL   Constitutional Amendments, proposed amendments, and                                            amending issues.

                                          1 Vol., arranged alphabetically by keyword, with cross referencing


SEARCH TIP: In any of the databases or websites listed, you can try to search by your amendment (1st amendment; 4th amendment, etc.) BUT you should also search by keywords that describe your amendment (gun control, freedom of speech, cruel punishment, death penalty, electoral process, etc.)


To find CURRENT EVENTS, look at this section of the New York Times website. It archives all the recent news articles that have to do with the Constitution and amendments.

Search these for related current news articles.


This database allows one to examine different viewpoints on a variety of subjects: eg.; gun control

These sites provide Reference material, Magazines, Newspapers, Primary Source, and Multimedia images



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"Subjects" are in the left hand column: books for this project are listed under 

Click on individual book covers of the reference book you want to use:
then search by keyword for information on your Amendment.

One of the print reference books from the center LibGuide box can be found here:
The Constitutional Amendments, from Freedom of Speech to Flag Burning.


Quick Reference Websites

Do not use Google!

Constitution of the United States - World Digital Library
US Library of Congress, 2016

National Constitution Center
National Constitution Center, n.d.

LII | US Constitution | Constitution | US Law/ LII Legal Information Institute
Cornell University Law School, n.d.

Court Cases